Who is a Dealtor?


[de(a)lter] Dee-uhl-ters noun

A real estate lead generator who introduces brokers to property buyers and sellers

Who We Are

Dealtors was founded in Dubai, UAE in 2021 with the mission to provide an easy to use real estate referral platform. Coming from a real estate background, the company founders realized the need for a structured referral process between brokers and leads/ referrers. Dealtors is Middle East’s first real estate referral platform that provides a structured, secured and reliable referral process where the referrers get an incentive to recommend their trusted real estate brokers while providing the real estate brokers with a new source of leads to increase their sales.

With Dealtors many of your friends, family and colleagues can now connect you with the right real estate agent, earn an incentive and help make your home buying/sellings decisions and also give you the comfort of working alongside a known broker.